EHS White Zone Health Zone

Although the planning application that we submitted conformed to all the current regulations, for the time being it has been completely rejected, but with the option of being resubmitted in 60 days. Since the dossier was in complete compliance with the requirements, we are consulting our lawyers on the matter, after which either a new application will be made or else we may take legal action.

All efforts are being made behind the scenes to prevent the White Zone Health Zone from seeing the light of day. It is not because you own hundreds of hectares of land with buildings already on it that you can do what you wish. There is an arsenal of regulations that can be cited to defeat the project, and if that is not enough, it is always possible to install a few relay antennas, WiFi or WiMax, even several kilometres away, with the express purpose of making the White Zone project fail.

Since the subject is currently under review we are awaiting exact information, which we will pass on to you at the right moment so as not to jeopardise the EHS cause.
Please follow the news we will be providing on this problem.

In any case, in the present emergency a zone of temporary refuge for EHS sufferers in distress [click] has just been made available, also in the southeast of France, where everything is free, even the water and electricity.
Places are very limited.



EHS European pilot .White Zone.Health Zone eco-village
(Information and photos not contractual - reproduction strictly prohibited)

14 January: entrance to the site of the White Zone Health Zone eco-village
(photo taken from future building area)


European pilot White Zone Health Zone eco-village

The creation of complexes of White Zone Health Zone eco-villages for the EHS in Europe
has become an urgent necessity.
This project, which has been in preparation for several years, has been conceived
on the basis of sustainable development.
All the buildings of the White Zone Health Zone eco-village complex are biocompatible,
with particular regard to low-frequency radiation,
and meet strict building regulations.

This first eco-village (a second is being planned) is situated on a hillside at 500-1000 m altitude
in a magnificent unspoilt landscape with vast forests in the southeast of France.

An architect is in charge of the design of the complex and of the building work
and landscaping for the additional EHS rented chalets and private houses.

No other building is in sight in any direction
(see photos from the dossier for EHS house owners).

The nearest town with full facilities (and phone antennas!)
is about 10 kilometres away along an easy road with no traffic,
no lights and no stop signs the whole way (average journey time 10 minutes).

The eco-village itself consists of 3 distinct areas on private land of more than
50 hectares (125 acres),
with a planned zone of more than 100 hectares (250 acres)
free from High-Frequency radiation.

1: A central area that includes all the shared facilities
and the EHS overnight accommodation.

2: A more secluded area, with its own access,
of EHS rental chalets.

3: Another secluded area, with separate access,
for houses belonging to EHS owners.

The village complex is protected by an access road on the uphill side
with security gates and an EMF detector
that forbids entry to any person or any vehicle
that does not meet the regulations.
Any vehicles (for instance those belonging to guests of house owners)
that do not meet the standards will have to be put in a car park outside the entrance.



In addition to the chalets for rent,
part of the building zone has been allocated for private houses.

If you are interested in having a house or chalet built
in the White Zone Health Zone eco-village complex in Southeast France


Information on rental reservations will be published at a later date (from June 2009).

The pilot EHS White Zone Health Zone eco-village


Photos from the morning of 28 January 2009
of the panoramic view from the eco-village

(photos from the dossier for house owners - reproduction prohibited)

No other building is in sight in any direction.

View from the eco-village looking due south at sunrise
(28 January 2009)

White Zone eco-village: normal EHS rental chalet
(28 January 2009 - reproduction prohibited)



White Zone Health Zone:
landscaping around the EHS private houses

(sketch taken from the dossier for house owners)

Artist's view of a private house and landscaping with photo of an existing house
(reproduction prohibited).


White Zone Health Zone:
landscaping around the EHS rental chalets

(sketch taken from the dossier for house owners - reproduction prohibited)

EHS White Zone Health Zone: existing rental chalets with landscaping.
Artist's view and photo of an independent rental chalet for EHS visitors
- reproduction prohibited.

This first emergency complex,
the EHS White Zone Health Zone eco-village,

where the ambient radiation is 0.002 µW/cm² - 0.09 µW/cm² maximum
is urgently needed to provide weekly or permanent accommodation
for people who are EHS so that they can recover their strength.

For some of them this recovery is a vital necessity.

The building land covers a zone of several tens of hectares
in a magnificent isolated and protected site in the foothills of the mountains.

The minimum area free of any source of high-frequency radiation is more than
a square kilometre.


The EHS eco-village consists of overnight accommodation,
chalets of 30m² and 40m²
for people in wheelchairs,
and normal chalets rented by the week.

Facilities include a covered heated swimming pool, sauna, library, private gardens, etc.
Heating is provided by built-in wood stoves.
For health the chalets have electrical equipment
that is as far as possible biocompatible.
The nearest town is about 10km away.

The first properties will be available in principle by 2nd half of 2009.

A second White Zone Health Zone is in preparation,
intended mainly for private houses and chalets.

Hyper-Frequency radiation in the area

The truth of Hyper-Frequency radiation up to 2500 MHz
at the entrance to the EHS White Zone Health Zone eco-village complex

Reading on the isotropic/electrical field meter:
0.0 µW/cm², less than 0.0xx µW/cm²

Exceptional ! The access road to the White Zone complex under the snow (11/12/2008)



- 30 December 2008 -

European eco-village White Zone Health Zone

View from a detached house (30 December 2008)

Detached house - outside

Detached house - inside

Detached house - fireplace


House - fireplace


Marie-Pierre (Next-up organisation)
in front of a chalet of 40 m² with wheelchair access.

Bedroom for someone in a wheelchair


Bathroom for someone in a wheelchair

Normal chalet - children's bedroom






EHS European pilot
White Zone Health Zone eco-village.

On the morning of Wednesday 10 December 2008
there was unusually heavy snow in Southeast France above 300m.

Thursday 11 December 2008, still under the snow,
a team from EHS TV News arrived in the foothills
in what is destined to be the pilot EHS White Zone Health Zone eco-village
located between 500m and 1000m altitude in an isolated area
in order to take measurements and to see if the access road was manageable.
They found that the Council had cleared the road satisfactorily.




From : Xxxxxxxx Exxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxx@xxxxxxx.fr]
Sent : Friday 2 January 2009 22:14
To: Next-up: Contact
Subject : Re: Photo

Hello Marie Pierre,

What a big surprise to see my photo in the latest Next-up news that I've just received!
2009 EHS Live . . White Zone . . .  I had no idea! . . .

The photo doesn't bother me at all, it's just a surprise to see myself on the White Zone site.
On the contrary, if the idea might be useful for anyone else who's sick - because it's a great way to be insulated from electrical and magnetic fields.
There's nothing like it for getting back to a normal sleep pattern.  
Personally I could no longer sleep a wink and I think this has saved my life!



Video report France 3 : Phone masts beam (Grenoble-France), WHO, BioInitiative 0,6 V/m.


" SEE THE INVISIBLE " report : Available to AVI

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